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Coaching to Grow offers two specialized, unique and collaborative services that will coach you in creating and leveraging your life dreams, quality of life and ability to be financially sound. Tracy Shunkwiler is a trained and Preferred Ramsey Master Financial Coach. She will lead you on the path of creating the life you deserve, and the financial freedom that is awaiting you. 



Whether you are motivated to create balance; improve your communication skills; create intimate relationships; identify and overcome self-limiting behaviors; set and reach your goals; live your passion or just need someone to listen and give you honest feedback, I will coach, motivate, inspire and support you while creating accountability as you own your personal power. 


Sessions are one hour.


Not sure if Life Coaching is for you?  Call me today for your complimentary, no obligation, 45-minute Life Coaching Session.


70% of Americans are currently living paycheck to paycheck. I say this to let you know you are not alone, and I hold no judgment for where you are on your financial journey. I have helped hundreds of people take control of their finances, eradicate debt, relieve their money worries and implement a plan for a financial future that was beyond their wildest dreams.

My services provide the processes, knowledge, accountability and tools needed to help you create financial clarity, get out of debt, stay out of debt, save and live in financial peace. Every step of the way is unique to your particular circumstances and goals.

Financial Coaching Consultation

A no obligation, no hard sales, no fee consultation during which I can learn more about you and your financial goals. This is also time for you learn about my coaching process and ask any questions you may have. I do not sell financial products nor is this a sales meeting!

Financial Coaching Packages include and are not limited to:

Financial Snapshot and Income Overview

Initial 1:1 90 minute session

Monthly 1:1 one hour sessions

Accountability/support/progress calls via Zoom or phone, as needed.

Written homework and recommendations after each session.

Together we will get you from where you are today to where you want to be!

In Addition,

My coaching process will help you find money in your budget that you may not have been able to identify on your own. We will do a financial autopsy, looking at every area your hard earned money is spent.


You will have an opportunity to bring to awareness and heal those limiting beliefs that can keep you stuck or bring you back to the self sabotaging behaviors that keep you from reaching your financial goals once and for all.

We will identify the difference between needs and wants along with temporary solutions to what is a temporary problem, if you follow my program. 

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