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Meet Tracy

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Tracy Shunkwiler

Founder and Coach

Don't we all deserve to live without the fear and stress that can come with handling our money?

My own financial mess and the stress that it created for me and my family lead me to my journey of eradicating debt and changing the trajectory of our financial future, let alone the legacy we will leave our children. My husband and I worked hard. We got our financial house in order, then began the process of playing catch up with our retirement accounts. 


Financial Freedom has taken the stress out of my relationship and daily life. I now have the incredible opportunity to help others, like yourself, reach their financial goals in a way that most people cannot even begin to imagine. 

Financial Coaching is for people who want it and not just for people who need it. If you want it, I would be delighted to help you reach your financial goals for a lifetime, not just for the meantime.


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