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Welcome to Coaching to Grow!

with Tracy Shunkwiler


When you are sick and tired of the stress and fear that comes with money, or the lack of money, I provide the coaching, accountability and tools you need to succeed. I am a Financial Coach with the passion and desire to help you take control of your money.  I bring structure and tools in easy to understand, bite-sized chunks to teach and motivate you how to handle money in a way that you were never taught before. You will leave the paycheck to paycheck cycle behind as you develop the skills, spending and saving habits that are not just for the meantime, but for a lifetime of financial freedom. We will set goals and create a plan to reach them. We will see the vision, set intentions, create accountability and inject hope. 


Our Mission


It is the mission of Coaching To Grow to provide a structured and safe environment to coach individuals and couples for the purpose of creating personal growth and financial peace.

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